Case Studies

Spray Booth Emissions Monitoring In Leeds Banner

Spray Booth Emissions Monitoring In Leeds

Envirocare was commissioned to conduct a spray booth emissions monitoring campaign on a pair of Dalby Paint Booths at a car garage in Leeds to assess the Environmental Impact from a car parts coating process. The monitoring methods and site times were arranged and agreed with the client in advance of the visit.  BS EN 12619 was… continue reading →

Noise Monitoring at Dutch Poultry Farm Banner

Noise Monitoring at Dutch Poultry Farm

Envirocare recently performed noise monitoring at a Dutch Poultry Farm in order to assess employee exposures to noise levels whilst tending to various flocks. Noise monitoring was performed in accordance with principles laid down in the HSE’s “Controlling Noise at Work” – Guidance on the Control of Noise at Work Regulations, 2005, L108, Part 2… continue reading →

COSHH Assessment at Salisbury Cathedral Stonemasons

Envirocare recently carried out a COSHH assessment within Salisbury Cathedral near Southampton. The main focus of the study was determination of the levels of respirable dust and respirable crystalline silica. Respirable crystalline silica is a carcinogenic substance, examples of where this is a risk include when stonework is cut, sanded or fettled.   What Is Crystalline Silica?… continue reading →

VOC Emissions Monitoring The Benefits Banner

VOC Emissions Monitoring: The Benefits

Many companies operating in a range of industrial sectors need VOC emissions monitoring to demonstrate compliance with environmental legislation. VOC monitoring can however, also provide many other significant benefits, including safer working conditions for operators and cost savings from the reduction of raw material during a process. Companies that use solvents should consider the benefits of implementing a… continue reading →

Compliance Emission Monitoring at Wastewater Treatment CHP Banner

Compliance Emission Monitoring at Wastewater Treatment CHP

Envirocare were commissioned to undertake Environmental Permitting Regulations (EPR) compliance emission monitoring at a Wastewater Treatment Works in South Wales. Part of the process on-site involves producing biogas from sewage sludge using Anaerobic Digestion. The biogas produced is combusted in up to three spark ignition engines (nominally 4.6MW combined output). The engines are used to provide… continue reading →

Occupational Exposure Assessment School Banner

Occupational Exposure Assessment For Hazardous Substances Within A School

Envirocare recently carried out an occupational exposure assessment for hazardous substances within a chemistry department in a school. The technicians in the preparation room had been complaining of narcotic symptoms such as headaches, nausea and drowsiness when carrying out work in the lab. The department used a large selection of chemicals, such as solvents, acids,… continue reading →

occupational hygiene & safety within printing and packaging banner

Occupational Hygiene & Safety within Printing and Packaging

Envirocare were commissioned by a number of regional manufacturing locations within a national organisation to design and carry out a regular occupational hygiene & safety monitoring programme.   This included:   + Fire risk assessments + Trade effluent discharge monitoring + COSHH assessments where appropriate + DSEAR risk assessments relating to solvent storage and ink… continue reading →

Hospital Air Quality Monitoring Banner

Hospital Air Quality Monitoring and COSHH

Envirocare were commissioned by a hospital Trust to design and carry out the annual hospital air quality monitoring survey for a wide range of substances with the potential to cause harm to the employees throughout hospitals in the Trust. This hospital air quality monitoring programme included the personal monitoring for:   + Ozone levels in… continue reading →

Prototype Testing of Domestic NOx abatement Media

Envirocare were commissioned by AAC Eurovent Ltd. of Brownhills to undertake measurements on their prototype extraction and abatement system that they plan to install in domestic housing projects. Envirocare were tasked with monitoring the efficiency of the AAC Eurovent dry chemical media in removing oxides of nitrogen from the air. Regulations require that the concentration… continue reading →

Air Monitoring Project For Aeronautical Engineering Firm Banner

Air Monitoring Project For Aeronautical Engineering Firm

Following complaints of ill health from local residents, an aeronautical engineering firm in the north of England commissioned Envirocare to draw up a bespoke air monitoring project aimed at disproving complainant’s claims. Following a full review of the installations processes including an assessment of the chemicals used in processing. Envirocare were able to undertake a… continue reading →

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