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Envirocare is a leading UKAS and MCERTS accredited Environmental and Occupational Hygiene & Safety Consultancy. We offer monitoring and consultancy services to industrial and commercial customers across a wide range of sectors, in the UK and further afield.

As well as Envirocare being one of the longest running Environmental and Occupational Hygiene Consultancies in the UK. Our team of expert technicians and consultants have over 100 years of combined experience within the industry and are considered leaders in the field. Since formed in 1994, Envirocare has progressively grown, expanding its expertise and range of services to now being accredited for every Environment Agency ’Standard Reference Method’ regarding Stack Emissions Monitoring plus one of a very limited few to be accredited for Bioaerosol and Odour as well.

Envirocare were amongst the first to achieve and are still one of only very few consultancies to hold UKAS accreditation for their services. Our consultants are registered members of the Institute of Occupational Safety & Health (IOSH) with two consultants on the Occupational Safety & Health Consultants Register and our very own Support Services Manager, Ray Pullen is the current Chairman of the Source Testing Association, the technical trade association that looks after the stack emissions monitoring industry.

Our goals are to assist our clients in achieving compliance with regulations, staying safe and delivering solutions to problems within the place of work.

Envirocare News

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