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Envirocare welcomes bespoke technology – the iSmith

3 February 2023

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Susan Lett

Occupational Hygiene Director

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Envirocare’s Occupational Hygiene Team is improving efficiency and working practices by embracing its new project management tool – the iSmith.

The iSmith is a bespoke project management tool designed by Envirocare’s Occupational Hygiene Commercial Manager, Chris Smith. It tracks the entire life cycle of any given project from the inception stage, enquiry and quotation, until its closing stages and issuing of reports.  It captures all stages of the project in one place, which means that all related information and documentation can be accessed easily and efficiently, and collaboration between team members is more effective.

Not only does this new system save time and make working practices more efficient but it makes Envirocare more sustainable, saving the carbon impact of printing and paper use. All members of the team have been issued with iPads and have been trained by Chris Smith in how to best manage their projects using the new system.

Chris has 20 years of Occupational Hygiene consultancy and management experience, and he joined Envirocare in 2022.  He was keen to replace old, written processes and had a burning desire to make things more efficient.  He spent six months designing and developing the software, infusing his preferences for good project management methods and picking up knowledge along the way.  He has trained 20 members of staff to use the iSmith and has asked for feedback for continual improvements.

Chris wants his new software to help Envirocare’s growing Occupational Hygiene Team to be the best in the country and he believes that it will help towards this, as well as ensuring we offer the best service possible to clients.

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