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Mercury Monitoring Protocol
Mercury Monitoring Protocol and Best Available Technique

28 July 2022 · Megan Rushton

BAT stands for ‘Best Available Techniques’, referring to the techniques that best prevent or minimise environmental impacts from industry processes/installations. These will be the most economically and technically viable options.

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Even Stronger Together
Even Stronger Together

13 July 2022 · Megan Rushton

We have been busy forming strong teams and forging relationships with our new colleagues, so that we can now focus and offer you the very best in environmental consultancy and services.

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Scott Barbour Stack Technician
Envirocare’s Scott Barbour becomes fully qualified Stack Technician in record time

11 May 2022 · Megan Rushton

We’d like to congratulate Scott Barbour for being the first person to start at Envirocare as a trainee and work his way to becoming a fully qualified Stack Technician, in record time!

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Protect Hear Visit Bradford
ProtectHear visit Envirocare Bradford Office

3 May 2022 · Megan Rushton

Safe practices regarding noise management are an imperative for today’s workforce; the number of workers with work-related hearing problems is estimated to be at 14000, using three years of data from the Labour Force Survey.

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Envirocare now part of Cura Terrae
Stronger Together – Envirocare Joins Ecus and EMS in the Mission to Take Care of the Earth

21 March 2022 · Megan Rushton

We are delighted to announce that Envirocare is now part of Cura Terrae; a newly created environmental service group, which will also include Ecus and Environmental Monitoring Solutions (EMS).

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COSHH Guidance
COSHH Essentials: General Guidance G409 ‘Exposure Measurement: Air Sampling’

21 February 2022 · Bethan Martin

The Health and Safety Executive issued an updated guidance document which provides practical advice on when you must measure exposure to airborne substances, how to measure exposure, the substances, demonstrating control, and what should be included in the content of a consultants’ report.

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Hexavalent Chromium
Hexavalent Chromium/Chromium (VI) and REACH

20 December 2021 · Bethan Martin

Hexavalent chromium is included in the REACH directive as it is a known human carcinogen. It is a SVHC (Substance of Very High Concern), and the waste produced from industrial processes involving it poses a serious threat to human health.

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UKAS MCERTS Accreditation
Envirocare Glasgow receives UKAS MCERTS Accreditation

17 December 2021 · Bethan Martin

Envirocare's Glasgow office is now UKAS & MCERTS certified for Stack Emissions Testing.

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New Website
Envirocare Launch New Website

4 November 2021 · Bethan Martin

Envirocare are excited to announce the launch of our new website. The website has been designed to optimise user experience and demonstrate the range of expertly delivered services we provide.

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