eDAS® @ Envirocare

eDAS® has provided Envirocare’s customers with increased visibility of their environmental performance to help identify cost savings, improve decision support, environmental awareness, and business efficiency

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Hospital Air Quality Monitoring

Air Quality Monitoring and COSHH for UK Hospital Trust

Envirocare were commissioned by a UK hospital Trust to supply an air quality monitoring programme including personal monitoring for COSHH.

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Printing and Packaging Factory

Occupational Hygiene and Safety Within Printing and Packaging

Envirocare was commissioned by a national printing and packaging organisation to design and carry out a regular occupational hygiene & safety monitoring programme.

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school lab monitoring

Occupational Exposure Assessment for Hazardous Substances in a School

Envirocare carried out an occupational exposure assessment for hazardous substances within a chemistry department in a school. This was to protect laboratory staff and teachers.

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Wastewater Treatment Works

Compliance Emission Monitoring at Wastewater Treatment CHP

Envirocare were commissioned to undertake Environmental Permitting Regulations (EPR) compliance emission monitoring at a Wastewater Treatment Works in South Wales.

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Poultry Farm

Noise Monitoring at Dutch Poultry Farm

Envirocare performed noise monitoring in accordance to HSE’s “Controlling Noise at Work” guidance at a Dutch Poultry Farm. This was in order to assess employee exposures to noise levels whilst tending to various flocks.

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Salisbury Cathedral

COSHH Assessment at Salisbury Cathedral

Envirocare carried out a COSHH assessment within Salisbury Cathedral’s stonemasonry workshop to determine levels of respirable crystalline silica.

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spray booth emissions

Spray Booth Emissions Monitoring in Leeds

Envirocare was commissioned to conduct emissions monitoring at a car garage in Leeds to assess the Environmental Impact from a car parts coating process.

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