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Benefits of Improving Employee Safety

4 December 2019

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Bethan Stones

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Safety = Success

Employee safety should never be overlooked or be considered any less important than profit or reputation. In fact, employee safety can help develop a higher profit and an improved reputation. By creating a safe environment for employees to work in, companies are also protecting themselves.

Safety Leads to Productivity

Employees that feel safe and comfortable in the environment in which they work are likely to work more productively than employees who have been injured or sick in the workplace. Thinking ahead and being proactive, can prevent employees from becoming ill or injured at work. Being proactive no matter how big or small the scale can make all the difference. For example, scheduling office employees to take short but regular breaks throughout the day to stay active is likely to boost morale and allow them to essentially accomplish more, rather than burning out due to working too intensely.

Safety Leads to Improved Company Finances

A major risk of hazardous workplace is the potential for employees to sue the company, which could lead to serious financial trouble. Although it is not required by law to implement ISO 45001 or other similar standards, it is highly advised to implement a structured framework for ensuring health and safety in the workplace. Whilst, ensuring the workplace is a safe working environment can be a financial investment, it can help charges to be avoided in the long-term.

Safety Leads to Employee Retention

Employees are likely to feel underappreciated if they are working in an unsafe environment. Employees should feel that employers care about their wellbeing, which can be achieved by providing adequate training and equipment. Appropriate and informative training can make employees feel good about working for the company and that they want them to be part of the team and achieve their full potential. The more that employees feel appreciated, the longer they are likely to stay with the company.

Safety Leads to Company Reputation

When employees enjoy working for a company, feel safe at work and feel appreciated, the better the company’s reputation will become. The manner in which employee’s talk about their company will adjust how stakeholders perceive the company. Employees aid the growth of any business; they distinguish the culture of the company which is why it is fundamentally essential to ensure that your employees are just as content as your customers. Gallup researchers found that companies with a vastly engaged workforce are 22% more profitable. If a company was to mistreat their employees, it is likely to result in fewer people purchasing goods and recommending the company to others, ultimately affecting their reputation and overall success.

How do you create a safe environment?

So, after listing benefits of creating a safe environment at work, it is important to highlight the ways in which a safe environment can be created.

Employers should carry out a DSE (Display Screen Equipment) Assessment to ensure that risks surrounding workstations are as low as possible. This assessment will look at how a screen is used and will assess the possible risks that could affect the user. Hazards will be identified and then actions can be taken to reduce the proposed risks.

Occupational Health Assessments should be carried out to advise employers on their employee’s health. Recommendations can then be made regarding what should be amended to ensure a safer working environment for employees. Industry-specified tests may include:

  • Audiometry health check
  • Respiratory health check
  • Skin health check
  • Musculoskeletal questionnaire/assessment
  • Mental health/workplace stress assessment

It is recommended that Occupational Hygiene Surveys should be carried out to aid compliance with requirements and to improve productivity in the workplace. This can be accomplished through:

The findings of the above recommendations can be used to implement new and innovative ways of working to improve employee safety at work.