The Control of Substances Hazardous to Health Regulations (COSHH, 2002) place a duty of care upon employers to protect both employees and others who may be exposed to specific substances.

Our expert services include measuring exposure to harmful substances and comparing these levels with the current Workplace Exposure Limits as well as COSHH Risk Assessments.

COSHH Air Monitoring

Workplace COSHH Air Monitoring

Research suggests that almost a quarter of workers are exposed to harmful substances whilst at work. Exposure to hazardous substances can occur in a very wide range of work environments.

This can include manufacturing environments, quarries, waste processing sites, laboratories, educational establishments, hospitals, workshops, vehicle repair, shops and offices.

Monitoring examples:

  • Dust (wood, cement, flour, silica)
  • Fumes (metal, rubber, solder)
  • Vapours (solvents and isocyanates)
  • Irritants (acid mists)
  • Gases (chlorine, carbon monoxide)+ Fibres (glass fibre, ceramic fibre)

Following the sampling exercise our experts assess the current working practices and suggest practical means to prevent or reduce exposure to hazardous substances by improving control strategies with the emphasis on the hierarchy of control.

Click the following link for more downloadable information on COSHH and Control Strategies.

COSHH Risk Assessments

To protect employees, COSHH Regulations impose duties on employers to ensure suitable and sufficient COSHH risk assessments are undertaken.

To confirm substances that are likely to expose employees to health risks do not exceed the Workplace exposure limit (WEL) value, COSHH air monitoring is undertaken.

The benefits in reducing exposure will be:

  • Improved productivity due to lower sickness rates
  • Improved employee morale
  • Reduce PPE Costs
  • Lower number of civil claims

Envirocare provide expert COSHH risk assessment advice on the hierarchy of control, covering elimination, substitution, segregation, enclosure, LEV and PPE. We also provide an essential COSHH air sampling service to confirm the control of exposure.

Click the following link for more downloadable information on HSE Risk Assessment.

COSHH Risk Assessments

Experts In COSHH Risk Assessments and COSHH Air Monitoring

Envirocare is a leading Occupational Hygiene and Health and Safety services provider with over 20 years of experience throughout the UK.

We offer comprehensive COSHH workplace air monitoring and COSHH risk assessment advice to ensure compliance with the relevant exposure limits.

Envirocare will aid your COSHH risk assessment by carrying out COSHH air monitoring to determine the levels of substances in the workplace and ensure the WEL value is not exceeded for the substances you use. We will also provide a detailed report on work practices and findings together with recommendations for remedial action.

Envirocare is UKAS accredited for dust monitoring in the workplace to assist you with controlling employee exposure to dust, reporting and to offer you peace of mind. We currently service a wide range of industries. This experience allows us to conduct COSHH air monitoring and COSHH risk assessments that are relevant and appropriate to the process operating.

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“We have been working with Envirocare for 15 years now, and we plan to continue this partnership for the foreseeable future. Envirocare provides a high quality, cost effective service with the flexibility that works well with our business. Moreover they are happy to discuss and provide guidance as part of our ongoing relationship. We have used Envirocare in a number of areas including; COSHH Monitoring, LEV Examinations and Noise Assessments. I highly value their service, friendly advice and ongoing commitment to our business. I know that we made the right choice and would recommend Envirocare to others looking for a cost-effective way of easing the pressure of compliance in these challenging times.”

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