Bioaerosol Monitoring

Bioaerosol monitoring helps you to ensure the safety of your workforce and keeps you compliant to Environment Agency standards. Envirocare can offer you complete Bioaerosol Monitoring and Bioaerosol monitoringanalysis from both captured (stack) and uncaptured (ambient) sources.

Key Benefits

  • Keep your employees protected from potential bioaerosol related health complications
  • Remain compliant to Environment Agency standards
  • Avoid potential fines and prosecutions
  • Have the confidence that you are keeping yourself and employees safe with protective measures
  • Receive reliable and accurate results with an ISO17025 and UKAS-MCERTS accredited service
  • Gain expert advice and guidance


Exposure to bioaerosols can be detrimental to health. Bioaerosols are also referred to as biological aerosol or organic dust and they are airborne microorganisms such as bacteria, actinomycetes, fungi, pollen, moulds or viruses. Typically, Bioaerosols are not visible to the human eye and are able to penetrate deeply into our respiratory systems. Constant and cumulative exposure to bioaerosols can cause a range of health problems including gastrointestinal illness, bronchitis, and cancer.

It is important to monitor bioaerosols in the workplace to ensure that exposure is controlled as much as possible to protect yourself and employees from consequent health problems. Measures can include PPE, establishment of risk zones and engineered controls (such as air-conditioned vehicle cabs).

What to expect

An experienced technician will provide you with bioaerosol monitoring which is ISO 17025 and MCERTS accredited to the Environment Agency’s Standard Reference Method (VDI 4257 Blatt 2). Bioaerosol Monitoring is an intricate and sensitive exercise and Envirocare make sure that you will get reliable and accurate results.

Bioaerosol Monitoring FacilityBioaerosol monitoring involves:

  • Continual monitoring of wind speed/direction;
  • Sampling upwind of site to measure the concentrations of microorganisms that are blowing onto the site;
  • Sampling downwind of the site to measure concentrations of microorganisms that are blowing of the site;
  • Sampling at a point nearest closest sensitive receptor to the site.

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