Case Studies

Prototype Testing of Domestic NOx abatement Media

Envirocare were commissioned by AAC Eurovent Ltd. of Brownhills to undertake measurements on their prototype extraction and abatement system that they plan to install in domestic housing projects.

Envirocare were tasked with monitoring the efficiency of the AAC Eurovent dry chemical media in removing oxides of nitrogen from the air.


Regulations require that the concentration of oxides of nitrogen in domestic housing are limited to no more than. AAC Eurovent hope to install their abatement plant in ventilation systems installed into buildings to help meet this criteria.

Using their ultra-sensitive (ppb) NOx analyser and measured flow rates Envirocare were able to demonstrate extremely good destruction efficiency results obtained from the AAC Eurovent plant.

It is hoped that the results that Envirocare obtained will help AAC Eurovent in marketing their products to potential customers. Envirocare would like to thank AAC Eurovent for using Envirocare in partnership on this project and wish them success with selling their products on.

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