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Temporary CEM Installation

Temporary CEM Installation

Fully accredited temporary MCERTS CEM system to alleviate the risk of plant downtime due to instrument failure on site.

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Key Benefits of Temporary CEM Installation

  • Reduce or prevent plant downtime in the event of system failure
  • Fully MCERTs accredited temporary CEM solution to support you in the interim period of system break down
  • Installation by MCERTS accredited engineers
  • Connect temporary solution to Environmental Data Acquisition System, eDAS, or connect directly to your DAHS
  • Remain compliant to your environmental permit
  • Monitor the effluent gas streams resulting from combustion in industrial processes for all routine parameters (TPM, VOC, CO, CO2, NOx, SO2, HCL, NH3, N2O, O2 & Water Vapour)

What is Temporary CEM Installation?

Envirocare can now offer a fully accredited temporary CEM system in the event of an instrument breakdown on site. Our instruments are considered suitable for use on waste incineration and large combustion plant applications. They are proven suitable for its measuring task (parameter and composition of the flue gas) by use of the QAL 1 procedure specified in EN14181. The lowest certified range for each determinant shall not be more than 1.5 times the daily average emission limit value (ELV) for IED Chapter IV applications and not more than 2.5 times the daily average emission limit value (ELV) for IED chapter III and other types of applications.

What to Expect

You will receive a professional and friendly response to discuss and determine your stack CEMS needs. This will be a call or a site meeting with one of our experts to discuss your continuous emissions testing requirements, sampling location and access.

Once this has been determined our team of experts will come out to your site and install the necessary temporary CEM system to prevent or reduce plant down time. Our engineers will connect the output of the temporary instruments directly into your DAHS or we can provide you with access to our environmental data acquisition system (eDAS).

eDAS® at Envirocare

eDAS® at Envirocare

Environmental Data Acquisition System, eDAS®, is allowing Envirocare to provide key accounts with easy access to their emissions monitoring data

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