Legionella bacteria (Legionella pneumophila) is a species of bacteria that can cause the potentially fatal condition, Legionnaire’s disease. The bacteria can be found in any water system and so it is imperative for all workplaces with water to have a risk assessment in place. Information from this risk assessment will allow you to assess whether water systems in the workplace are being adequately controlled in order to keep staff protected from infection.

Key Benefits

The primary reason to undertake a Legionella risk assessment is for compliance with the COSHH Regulations and L8 ACoP however a Legionella Risk Assessment will also:

  • Ensure compliance with the COSHH Regulations and The Management of Health and Safety at Work Regulations
  • Inform your COSHH Risk Assessments and Legionella Management Policy
  • Identify current and potential sources of risk
  • Identify whether existing control measures are working and put more effective ones in place
  • Identify any gaps in policies, training and management structures

What to expect

The Legionella Risk assessment will be completed by one of our qualified and competent assessors in line with L8 ACoP and HSG274 best practice.
The assessment will consist of:

  • Visual inspections of water assets’ condition
  • Water temperature readings to identify conditions that promote bacterial growth
  • Microbiological sampling to determine present bacteria counts
  • Assessment of Legionella Management Policies and processes

All the information is then compiled into a report where we will advise you on your current level of compliance and offer recommendations for improvement or further remediation.

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