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Noise Assessments | How Often Should A Noise Survey Be Carried Out?

6 April 2017

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Bethan Stones

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Noise Assessments

We’ve already established a company’s obligation in terms of Noise Regulations but a question we get asked over and over again is “How often should noise assessments and noise surveys be carried out?”

Unfortunately, there is no clear cut answer listed in regulation.

In the Control of Noise at Work Regulations, they state that a noise risk assessment (which includes having a noise survey carried out) should be reviewed if “there is a reason to suspect that the risk assessment is no longer valid” or “there has been a significant change in the work to which the assessment relates”.

Do You Require Updated Noise Assessments?

So why would a noise survey no longer be valid and when should previous noise assessments be reviewed?

  • The process is changed in any way.
  • Installation of new machines, and removal of old machines.
  • Noise control measures have become reasonably practicable.
  • You change the shifts an operator works (i.e. you go from 8hrs to 12hrs).
  • Noise controls have been installed (and you want to see if things have improved).
  • Your Audiometry Testing has shown a significant deterioration in employee’s hearing levels.
  • You become aware of new ways of working or controlling noises (e.g. as written in trade journals).

In answer to the question, there is no set frequency for noise assessments, however a regular noise survey helps determine if there is any deterioration in machinery that may be causing increases in noise level. Therefore we recommend that noise levels are carried out and reviewed at least every two years.

Experts In Noise Assessments and UKAS Noise Surveys

Envirocare have over 20 years of experience in providing occupational noise monitoring services to enable compliance with the Control of Noise at Work Regulations 2005.

Our UKAS accreditation demonstrates that Envirocare complies with Health & Safety best practice and is competent to deliver a consistently dependable, unbiased and accurate service. You can be reassured that our services meet the appropriate standard for testing employee exposure to workplace noise with the internationally recognised UKAS symbol.

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