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Envirocare welcomes three new Senior Team Leaders

1 April 2021

Bethan Stones headshot

Bethan Stones

Group Marketing Manager

Envirocare New Senior Team

Envirocare is pleased to announce that we have three new Senior Team Leaders joining our Stack Emissions division.

Further enhancing our expanding business we have Trevor Halliday, Carl McDonald and Adam Tran all joining the team and bringing with them a wealth of stack testing experience.

Trevor and Carl both previously worked at Castings Technology Ltd for over 10 years, they will make a great addition to the Envirocare team. Adam has worked all over the world carrying out stack testing and has over 20 years of experience in the industry. All three are MCERTS Level 2 qualified with technical endorsements TE1, TE2, TE3 and TE4.

Managing Director, John Healey, is looking forward to working with Trevor, Carl and Adam. “We are delighted to welcome three very experienced team leaders to join the team”.

We want to wish Trevor, Carl and Adam good luck in their new roles.