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Envirocare Extend UKAS Accreditation To BS EN 1948 & BS ISO 11338

29 February 2012

Bethan Stones headshot

Bethan Stones

Group Marketing Manager

UKAS Accreditation

Envirocare are pleased to announce that their latest extension to Scope of Accreditation has been granted by UKAS.

Envirocare are now fully accredited for the monitoring of Polychlorinated Dibenzo Dioxins (PCDDs), Polychlorinated Dibenzo Furans (PCDFs) and dioxin like Polychlorinated Biphenyls (PCBs) to BS EN 1948 and for the monitoring of Polycyclic Aromatic Hydrocarbons (PAHs) to BS ISO 11338.

The proposal for extending the Scope of Accreditation was designed to introduce Envirocare to new market opportunities. Initial signs are encouraging as Envirocare have already successfully tested out their new accreditation for BS EN 1948 & BS ISO 11338 having secured work at major plants in the North of England.

Envirocare plan to further their Scope of Accreditation later on in the year with the addition of Hydrogen Fluoride monitored to BS ISO 15713.

Envirocare are already proud to boast one of the most complete testing regimes amongst independent contractors in the UK. The further additions serve only to increase our service range to customers.

If you are interested in discussing your testing requirements with our team, please contact Toby Campbell – Business Development Director (Telephone: 01274 738668; Mobile: 07385 378 562; E: tobycampbell@envirocare.org)