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Envirocare Awarded Odour Monitoring Accreditation

17 May 2013

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Bethan Stones

Group Marketing Manager

Odour Monitoring Accreditation

Envirocare are pleased to announce their latest extension to UKAS scope accreditation. Following a successful audit procedure in April, Envirocare have now been awarded an Odour Monitoring accreditation from stacks to BS EN13725 – Determination of Odour Concentration by Dynamic Olfactometry (2003).

Odour monitoring involves capturing samples of odorous air into inert sample bags followed by analysis using a panel of human noses. The odorous air is step diluted until it is no longer discernible by half of the panel of noses. The result in odour units per cubic metre corresponds to the number of dilutions undertaken to make the odour no longer discernible.

Commenting on the recent extension to scope, Managing Director Tony Smith said:

“We are delighted to have added an odour monitoring accreditation to our portfolio of accredited services. Envirocare is committed to increasing its scope of accreditation to offer solutions to our customers in as many ways as we can. We are confident that this will be a beneficial venture for both ourselves and our customers.”

Envirocare has a long history of undertaking odour monitoring on behalf of its clients and an upturn in demand in the service led to the decision to attain odour monitoring accreditation for the method. Envirocare’s procedure for monitoring includes methods for both wet and dry stacks that require on-site dilution and no dilution respectively. The method can also be adapted to be used for non-point source emissions for example when undertaking installation perimeter boundary monitoring.

Experts In Odour Monitoring

Customers can be assured that whatever their process or requirement, Envirocare can provide odour monitoring to the highest possible standard.

Envirocare are a UKAS & MCERTS accredited stack emissions and occupational hygiene monitoring consultancy in Bradford, West Yorkshire.

For further information, please either contact Envirocare on 01274 738668 or simply fill in our Online Enquiry Form