Environmental Data Acquisition

eDAS® at Envirocare

eDAS® has provided Envirocare’s customers with increased visibility of their environmental performance to help identify cost savings, improve decision support, environmental awareness, and business efficiency

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Quarry Site

Ambient Environmental Monitoring Survey at a Quarry Site

Envirocare were commissioned by a quarry operator to undertake an Ambient Environmental Monitoring Survey at their site in north Leeds.

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Aeronautical Engineering

Air Monitoring Project for Aeronautical Engineering Firm

Envirocare was commissioned to draw up a bespoke air monitoring project for an aeronautical engineering firm aimed at disproving complainant’s claims.

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Prototype Extraction

Prototype Testing of Domestic NOx Abatement Media

Envirocare was tasked with monitoring the efficiency of the AAC Eurovent dry chemical media in removing oxides of nitrogen from the air.

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Wastewater Treatment

Compliance Emission Monitoring at Wastewater Treatment CHP

Envirocare were commissioned to undertake Environmental Permitting Regulations (EPR) compliance emission monitoring at a Wastewater Treatment Works in South Wales.

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