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UKAS VDI 4257 Bioaerosol Monitoring Accreditation for Envirocare

12 August 2013

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Bethan Stones

Group Marketing Manager

VDI 4257 Accreditation

Bradford based Environmental and Occupational Hygiene Consultancy Envirocare is renowned for their leadership within the environmental monitoring sector. As well as holding an extensive UKAS and MCERTS accreditation schedule, Envirocare are one of the very first consultancies in the country to be UKAS accredited for Bioaerosol Monitoring from stacks.

Envirocare are pleased to announce their latest extension to UKAS scope accreditation. Following a successful audit procedure in May 2013, Envirocare are now accredited to undertake bioaerosol monitoring from stacks Blatt 2 – ‘Bioaerosols and Biological Agents – Emission Measurement – Sampling of Bioaerosols and Separation in Liquids’ (2011).

There is a growing worldwide concern over the potentially harmful effects of bioaerosol emissions which arise from biological processes that may contain micro-organisms. Bioaerosol monitoring involves sampling for microorganisms including fungi, bacteria and mycotoxins in the airstream whilst capturing and storing them under conditions in which they are able to survive and form colonies. Following capture, samples are plated and allowed to form colonies under ideal conditions. Following exposure over a pre-determined period of time, the number of biological colonies are counted and applied to the volume of gas sampled to calculate a concentration in the sampled air.

The nature of the testing requires extreme care to be taken to avoid contamination of the sample and maintain sterile conditions as far as is reasonably practicable. Therefore is imperative that the samples are collected and measured by suitably qualified technicians. The UKAS VDI 4257 Part 2 accreditation means that Envirocare customers can rely on their results safe in the knowledge that the sampling is being done to the highest standards as well as with technical competence, integrity and in compliance with the UK’s national accreditation body.

This latest accomplishment that very few consultancies in the field can boast comes from Envirocare’s most recent contract with a large organisation in the North West, proving Envirocare as being a figurehead for environmental monitoring services in the UK.

Commenting on the recent extension to scope, Commercial & Operations Director Craig Batty said:

“Envirocare’s portfolio of accredited services continues to grow and alongside our current odour monitoring services, the acquisition of this latest accreditation compliments the services of our environmental consultancy. This further increases the reasons to choose Envirocare for environmental services and demonstrates that both we and our customers are constantly striving to provide greater care for the environment.”

Customers of Envirocare can be assured that whatever their process or requirement, Envirocare can provide bioaerosol monitoring to the highest possible standard.

For more information on how Envirocare’s new accreditation to UKAS VDI 4257 can help you with your Bioaerosol Monitoring needs then visit our Bioaerosol Monitoring Services page, call our friendly team of dedicated technicians on 01274 738668 or alternatively fill in our Online Enquiry Form.