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Environmental Noise Monitoring

Reduce your environmental noise and remain compliant with regulatory requirements with our Environmental Noise Monitoring service.

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Key Benefits of Environmental Noise Monitoring

  • Reliable environmental noise monitoring data in line with British Standard 4142
  • Protect your organisation from statutory noise complaints
  • Improve your relationship with local communities
  • Receive an analysis of your data to inform insights

What is Environmental Noise Monitoring?

Environmental noise is an issue for any business which creates noise that can negatively impact on the wider environment and human health.

Environmental noise monitoring and assessments can help you to meet regulatory requirements such as:

  • Supporting EPR permit applications
  • Responding to statutory nuisance complaints
  • Supporting planning applications
  • Evidence in Environmental Impact Assessments (EIAs)

Further to regulatory requirements, conducting environmental noise monitoring and assessments is also a form of proactive environmental management. A proactive approach can assist you in achieving objectives and targets within Environmental Management Systems and bolster relationships with the local community.

What to Expect

Our environmental consultants will:

  • Liaise with the Environment Agency, local council or regulatory authority on your behalf
  • Conduct environmental noise monitoring in line with British Standard 4142 and perform data analysis
  • Compile a report to present the findings of the environmental noise monitoring, comparing the results to any conditions placed on the company by the Environment Agency, local council or regulatory authority
  • Provide guidance and advise on implementing noise mitigation measures


Noise Monitoring at Dutch Poultry Farm

Noise Monitoring at Dutch Poultry Farm

Envirocare performed Noise Monitoring at a Dutch Poultry Farm in order to assess employee exposures to noise levels

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