Does your organisation’s activities include the operation of a medium combustion plant? If so, you may be required to have an environmental permit as regulated under the Medium Combustion Plant Directive

The recent amendments to this directive require that Medium Combustion Plants (MCPs), or a plant with a rated thermal input greater than or equal to 1MWth and less than 50MWth, must be permitted. This will help to reduce environmental impact and harm to human health, and it will also assist in meeting legally binding emission reduction targets.

If you are required to have a permit, you are breaking the law to operate without one.

How can we help?

Our team of environmental experts at EMS can identify the rated thermal input of your combustion plant to help you understand whether you require an environmental permit.

If you require one, we can:

  • Prepare and submit your application forms and supporting documentation
  • Liaise with the Environment Agency (EA) or regulatory authority on your behalf
  • Carry out risk assessments
  • Prepare Environment Agency Pollution Inventory Reporting

This service is delivered by a team of experienced environmental experts at Environmental Monitoring Solutions (EMS Group Company). We will support your business to operate in line with regulatory requirements, allowing you to concentrate on your core activities. For further information about this service or to contact an expert, visit Environmental Monitoring solutions website here.



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