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Ambient Environmental Monitoring Survey at a Quarry Site

Envirocare were commissioned by a quarry operator to undertake an Ambient Environmental Monitoring Survey at their site in north Leeds.

Quarry Site

The Problem

Concerns were raised by the local NHS Primary Care Trust and the Environment Agency during a permit application stage regarding nuisance dust created from the installation at a quarry site in North Leeds.

The Solution

Envirocare undertook long-term nuisance dust and PM10 monitoring from eight locations around the perimeter boundary of the installation. Monitoring was strictly undertaken in accordance with the requirements of Environment Agency Technical Guidance Note M17 – Monitoring Ambient Particulates in Air around Waste Facilities (EA TGN M17). The data generated was interpreted in conjunction with meteorological data provided by the on-site weather station. The data was subsequently assessed against the ‘unofficial’ UK nuisance dust deposition rate of 200mg/m2/day (Annual avg. period) and the EU Air Quality Standard limit for PM10 concentration of 50µg/m3 (24 hr avg. period).

By proving empirically that dust and PM10 levels did not exceed prescribed limits, Envirocare was able to satisfy the concerns of the regulators and aid the customer in the permit application process.

Envirocare was also able to assist the client by interpreting the data with scrutiny. Envirocare was able to demonstrate that it was vehicular activity rather than quarrying processes as such that led to the majority of recorded dust emissions. This information was used by the customer to operate their process in a more environmentally conscious manner.

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