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Accredited Tests


Envirocare is accredited for all tests which are routinely specified in environmental permits across the UK and Ireland.

Full list accredited tests includes:

AmmoniaPD CEN/TS 17337
Carbon DioxidePD CEN/TS 17405
PD CEN/TS 17337
Carbon MonoxideBS EN 15058
PD CEN/TS 17337
ChlorineUS EPA Method 26 / 26A
Dioxins and FuransBS EN 1948
FormaldehydePD CEN/TS 17638
Heavy Metals
BS EN 14385
Hydrogen ChlorideBS EN 1911
PD CEN/TS 17337
Hydrogen CyanideUS EPA OTM 29
Hydrogen FluoridePD CEN/TS 17340
Hydrogen SulphideUS EPA Method 11
IsocyanatesUS EPA CTM 036
MercuryBS EN 13211
Nitric Acid VapourUS EPA Method 7D
Nitrogen Oxides
(as NO2)
BS EN 14792
PD CEN/TS 17337
Nitrous OxidePD CEN/TS 17337
OxygenBS EN 14789
OdourBS EN 13725
PAHsBS ISO 11338
PCBsBS EN 1948
PM10 / PM2.5BS EN ISO 23210
Sulphur DioxideBS EN 14791
Total Particulate MatterBS EN 13284-1
VelocityBS EN ISO 16911-1 & MID
VOCs (Individual)PD CEN/TS 13649
VOCs (Total)BS EN 12619
Water VapourBS EN 14790
PD CEN/TS 17337
Quality Assurance Exercises
BS EN 14181

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