What Is Environmental Noise Monitoring?

Environmental Noise is a major issue in most countries, especially in industrial areas or places of high population, and the source of noise and their adverse effects on our well being can be varied.

In terms of assessing the impact of these issues, Envirocare are able to make suitable noise measurements and monitor environmental noise over periods of durations to measure and assess risk, whilst offering practical solutions to help reduce exposure to staff.

All companies are required to conduct Environmental Noise Monitoring in the workplace and where practical, prevent or reduce the exposure and risks. Envirocare carry out Noise and Vibration Monitoring.

Our Environmental Noise Monitoring services enable compliance to current regulations including the Control of Noise at Work Regulations.

Environmental Noise Monitoring

Environmental Noise Assessments

Environmental Noise can be a problem for any business which creates noise that can impact upon the wider environment.

Noise pollution is a serious problem in the UK and invariably involves Local Authority representatives resolving such problems.

Noise that is generated from production processes, construction or traffic movements may be required to be measured and assessed for a variety of reasons including:

  • In support of EPR permit applications.
  • Regulatory compliance.
  • In response to statutory nuisance complaints.
  • In support of planning applications.
  • Information required for Environmental Impact Assessments (EIAs).

Highly Experienced Consultants

Envirocare consultants are experienced in the measurement and assessment of Environmental Noise from industrial processes. As part of our Environmental Noise Assessment service, we will provide recommendations and suggest mitigation measures as appropriate.

Our Environmental Noise Assessment service is fully compliant with BS 4142:1997 and Planning Policy Guidance Note 24.

Environmental Noise Assessment

Experts In Environmental Noise Monitoring

Envirocare can assure you of the highest possible level of service around. Our knowledgeable technicians have gained extensive experience in the field and currently service several high profile customers with our Environmental Noise Monitoring services, including:

  • Industrial Sites
  • Construction Sites
  • Road Traffic
  • Aircraft Hangers
  • Entertainment Venues

Call us on 01274 738668 or fill out our Envirocare Enquiry Form for any queries regarding Environmental Noise Monitoring or our Noise Assessment services.

“Personally I have always found Envirocare staff to be friendly and efficient. The service provided by Envirocare has always been excellent and I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend Envirocare to other organisations that required monitoring to be carried out.”

Environmental Manager, INEOS Manufactoring Ltd



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