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How To Choose The Right Emissions Monitoring Contractor

24 March 2013

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Bethan Stones

Group Marketing Manager

Choosing the Right Monitoring Contractor can be tough. We here at Envirocare want to make the process as simple as possible:

You can download our full Selecting the Right Emissions Monitoring Contractor for You PowerPoint presentation here.

Objectives When Choosing A Monitoring Contractor

  • Provision of accurate & reliable data
  • Meets regulatory requirements
  • On-time
  • On-budget
  • Clearly reported
  • Source a trusted partner
  • Development of an on-going relationship

What Questions Should You Be Asking?

  • What do I value most from my suppliers?
  • Do I want the best quality data at any cost?
  • Is my decision based solely on financial cost?
  • Do I want/need a knowledgeable partner?
  • Do I want to distance myself from the ‘hassle’ of monitoring?
  • Have you got experience of working in my sector?

Health & Safety Is The Single Most Important Aspect To Consider!

  • Safe & sensible contractors on the host site
  • Safety of contractors
  • Safety of host employees
  • Damage to host property
  • Unnecessary time wasted on paperwork
  • All contractors should have up-to-date and relevant health & safety training
  • Risk Assessment & Method Statement

Are They Suitably Accredited To Undertake The Work?

  • “Emissions monitoring from chimney-stacks should only be carried out by accredited test laboratories, using certified staff…”
  • Environment Agency (EA) requires monitoring to be undertaken by ISO/IEC 17025 for MCERTS accredited organization
  • Can the contractor honour what is required by your permit (legal document)
  • Look for the contractors’ UKAS scope of accreditation (www.ukas.org – for more information)

What Added Value Can The Emissions Monitoring Contractor Bring?

Is accredited monitoring just a commodity?

UKAS & The EA put stringent requirements on what contractors can and can’t report.

What about added value to the service?

  • Liaise with your regulator
  • Negotiate on your permit
  • Project design

Are you looking for a contactor or a project partner?

A good contractor will hold your hand as much or as little as you would like.

Process & Sector Knowledge

  • Applying methodologies can vary between processes
  • Whilst methodologies apply across the board, many contractors have sectors of speciality

Talk to other companies in your industry

  • Referrals are an important source of new business
  • Relieve your own anxieties


  • What do other companies say about a contractor

Confidence in your contractors’ abilities

  • Will the job get done safely?
  • Will the job get done properly?
  • Will you get the best quality data?
  • Is the contractor focussed on you or getting in & out and on to the next job?
  • Will keep you in the loop at all times
  • There will be no come back
  • Will work with the minimum of inconvenience to you and your staff & processes

Cheap Contractors are Cheap for a Reason

  • If your choice of contractor is based solely upon cost, everything I have said up until this point is largely irrelevant
  • When comparing quotes, check that they are like-for-like
  • Is the contractor offering anything over and above that which is required?

Cost is clearly important, particularly if you make the wrong choice

  • Have you got value for money?
  • Do you need to pay again to correct a mistake?
  • Have you got accurate emission data? – What are the implications

Costs may not just be financial

  • Has it taken away your valuable time?
  • Has it affected your regulators view of you?
  • Has it altered your perception of contractors?


There are many aspects to contemplate when deciding how to choose the right emissions monitoring contractor, but please consider the companies Health & Safety and Accreditation status, not making your choice on costs alone and always give yourself plenty of time.

At Envirocare we are UKAS & MCERTS accredited for Stack Emissions Monitoring with over 14 years of expertise and experience within the field. We also offer Ambient & Workplace Monitoring, Environmental Consultancy and Training.

You can contact us either by telephone on 01274 738668 or by simply filling in our Online Enquiry Form.