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New Air Quality & Emissions Show: ‘AQE 2013’

5 October 2012

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Bethan Stones

Group Marketing Manager

The organizers of the highly successful MCERTS events have announced that in response to demand from the environmental monitoring community, the format of the next AQE 2013 event will be considerably expanded.


The Air Quality & Emissions Show 2013 (AQE 2013) is the seventh in a series of specialist air monitoring events and will take place at the International Centre in Telford, UK, on 13th and 14th March. The new format will still focus on industrial emissions and stack monitoring of (Part A) processes regulated by the Environment Agency, but it will now also address the emissions to air of Part A2 and Part B processes which are controlled by local authorities, in addition to several new aspects of air quality protection.

Event organiser Marcus Pattison believes that the expanded remit for the event is a logical progression. “The need to produce accurate, reliable emissions monitoring data is the same whatever the industrial process,” he says. ‘Furthermore, the technologies are invariably the same and the people responsible for emissions are often also responsible for all aspects of environmental monitoring, including workplace monitoring, ambient monitoring, leak detection, fugitive emissions, fenceline monitoring etc. So it makes a lot of sense for all of this to be brought together under one umbrella – AQE 2013.”

The Source Testing Association (STA) established the original MCERTS event with Environmental Technology Publications in 2002 and has organised every event since. The STA’s Dave Curtis is pleased with the plans for AQE 2013. He says, “The MCERTS events were ultimately about the protection of air quality, so it makes sense for AQE 2013 to have an expanded remit to include everybody with a professional interest in air quality and emissions monitoring. For example, I am pleased to announce that the event will also include air treatment and abatement technologies, because anyone with an interest in monitoring is also likely to have an interest in emissions reduction and control.”

Emissions monitoring will remain a central theme for the event, but the addition of other applications for gas and particulate monitoring will substantially increase the scope and size of the event. For example, whilst the MCERTS events addressed the needs of those affected by the Environmental Permitting Regulations (large and/or complex industrial processes), AQE 2013 will also meet the needs of Local Authorities for ambient monitoring and for the many thousands of industrial processes that Local Authorities inspect and authorise.

AQE 2013 will also hold great appeal for international visitors, because it will provide an opportunity to see all of the latest technologies in air quality and emissions at one specialist event.

The organisers are determined that the new event will retain the successful format of the former MCERTS shows, with a packed Conference and Workshop programme to accompany the international Exhibition. However, one of the reasons for choosing the Telford International Centre was to provide scope for considerable expansion and 40% of the exhibition stand space has already been reserved.

For further information, please visit the Air Quality & Emissions Show: AQE 2013 Website