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Happy Birthday Envirocare!

Today is a very special day for Envirocare Technical Consultancy as it marks the 19 year celebration of the companies life, and as we head towards our 20th anniversary of service we thought we’d reminisce on the many achievements of the last three decades, our huge plans for the future and eat lots and lots of cake.

Over the last 19 years Envirocare have been part of two large EU funded projects lasting for a period of four years in total, including how to control wool process dust in the woolen industry and also measuring the environmental and health and safety impacts of lacquers used in UV printing.

Envirocare have also acquired UKAS and MCERTS accreditation for every Environment Agency ’Standard Reference Method’ in a period of only 19 years. For a full range of these Stack Emissions Monitoring accreditations please read our Envirocare Environmental Services Brochure.

This is on top of additional accreditations for Dust, Noise, Odour and Bioaerosols. Making Envirocare one of the leading Environmental and Occupational Hygiene and Safety Consultancies in the UK. We to this day are still one of the few consultancies in the country that hold these accreditations.

In 2005 Envirocare gained Investors In People which is still the case at present. Other awards include the Telegraph & Argus Bradford Means Business Award 2012 runner up for the monitoring data and consultancy advice provided to customers to help them in minimising their environmental impact. You can check out our Nomination Submission here.

Our Technical Manager Ray Pullen also become the Chairman of the Source Testing Association, which is the technical trade association that looks after the stack emissions monitoring industry.

Leading up to our 20th year of providing the best expert technical services within Environmental and Occupational Hygiene, we are looking to expand our ever growing list of accreditations, services and workforce and bring our customers even more both on site and digitally.

We are proud of our technical expertise and experience in assisting our clients remain compliant with environmental and health & safety legislation and also optimising their performance. With our on-going commitment to improvement and large base of skilled and highly qualified consultants, you can rest assured that you will receive a first class service from Envirocare every single time.