If your company has an environmental or PPC permit then it may be subject to an Operator Monitoring Assessment (OMA).

An OMA is completed by the Environmental Agency in the first year of a company being granted a permit and every four years if it already has the permit.

The EA recommends a pre-OMA audit to help you identify any monitoring issues that needs improving before your OMA assessment. If you perform poorly and end up with a poor OMA score your company could be fined.

Are you prepared for your OMA?

With the help of our environmental experts at EMS, you can make sure that you have planned and are ready for your OMA Audit. Our consultants will carry out an independent pre-OMA audit that follows Environment Agency criteria. You will then be provided with a detailed report which outlines key findings and ways to improve your OMA Score.

What can you expect?

  • Site inspection of monitoring and treatment processes
  • A detailed report of audit findings
  • Review of documentation and records associated with the monitoring and treatment protocols
  • Informal interviews with key personnel
  • An action plan to maximise or improve your OMA audit score

Pre-OMA audits are provided by our team at Environmental Monitoring Solutions (EMS Group Company). For further information about this service or to contact an expert, visit Environmental Monitoring solutions website here.



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