EPR Permit Applications

If your business has the potential to pollute land, air, or water, increase flood risk and/or adversely affect land drainage, then you may need an environmental permit. Failure to identify if your business’ operations require an environmental permit could lead to breaches in environmental legislation and potential fines and prosecutions.

Our expert team of environmental consultants can provide you and your business with the confidence that your operations are compliant with environmental permitting requirements by:

  • Identifying the permits required for your business’ operations through reviewing your activities, services and products alongside key personnel
  • Liaising with the Environment Agency or appropriate regulatory authority on your behalf to alleviate potential stress or confusion surrounding the application process
  • Prepare and submit all application forms and supplementary documentation such as risk assessments, fire management plans and odour and noise management plans
  • Assisting in implementing and maintaining control measures to ensure continued compliance with the environmental permit upon successful submission

Understanding which environmental permit is required for your business’ operations can be complicated and time consuming. Our environmental consultants aim to make the application process straightforward and remove the burden placed on your business by offering specialist guidance and support based on industry specific experience.

Guidance and assistance with EPR Permit Applications is provided by an expert team of environmental consultants at Environmental Monitoring Solutions (EMS Group Company). For further information about this service or to contact an expert, visit Environmental Monitoring Solutions’ website here.



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