Ambient Air Quality Monitoring

Ambient air quality monitoring helps you to understand your impact on the local environmental and public health as well as safeguarding your employees against long term exposure issues. Ambient Air Quality MonitoringEnvirocare and group company EMS provide a range services to help support your business:

  • Comply with legislation and your permit requirements
  • Understand nuisance complaints better and demonstrate your impact on the local community
  • Assess the impact of abatement or control measures
  • Support planning applications with evidential data
  • Gain clear insight into activities and processes that may negatively impact local air quality

Air Quality is a broad topic, with many types of pollutants to consider, and your requirements will be specific to you. Our consultants will establish your core requirements before providing our proposal and intended scope of work. We will consult guidance, regulation, and standard monitoring methods to ensure that we provide you with a service that is appropriate and has meaningful outcomes. Some of our most utilised services include:

  • Continuous monitoring of anthropogenic derived emissions known to cause long term human health effects – Such as particulates (PM10 & PM2.5), nitrogen dioxide and ozone.
  • Boundary monitoring of potential nuisance issues – Odour, dust, noise, VOC’s
  • Long term deposition monitoring of particulates – Heavy metals, radioactive material
  • Odour assessments in accordance with BS EN 13725 (2003)

Ambient air quality monitoring is provided by our team at Environmental Monitoring Solutions (EMS Group Company). For further information about this service or to contact an expert, visit Environmental Monitoring solutions website here.



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