EMS Acquires Envirocare and Appoints John Healey as MD

Yorkshire Environmental Monitoring Firms Join Forces as EMS Acquires Envirocare and Appoints John Healey as MD Environmental Monitoring Solutions Ltd (EMS) is excited to announce the acquisition of Envirocare, a…

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Indoor Air Quality: What Pollutes our Air?

According to Opinium, the average Brit spends around 22 hours indoors. Therefore it is important to understand the quality of the air we are inhaling, the effects of the quality…

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Safety = Success

Employee safety should never be overlooked or be considered any less important than profit or reputation. In fact, employee safety can help develop a higher profit and an improved reputation.…

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Are You Aware of Breathe Freely?

Breathe Freely is a BOHS initiative, aimed at reducing occupational lung disease in the UK, which causes significant debilitating ill-health and an estimated 13,000 deaths per year.  Breathe Freely is…

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welding fume hazards in the workplace

Mild Steel Welding Fume

The HSE Update In February 2019, the HSE released their latest bulletin, STSU1 which details the change in enforcement expectations for all welding fume including mild steel welding fume. The…

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Envirocare Industry Experts

Breathe Freely in the Workplace

Exposure to Workplace Fumes Exposure to workplace smoke, fumes, gases and fine particles can result in a host of respiratory diseases, known as occupational lung diseases. These conditions often result…

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Noise Assessments How Often Should A Noise Survey Be Carried Out

Noise Assessments | How Often Should A Noise Survey Be Carried Out?

We’ve already established a company’s obligation in terms of Noise Regulations but a question we get asked over and over again is “How often should noise assessments and noise surveys be carried out?”…

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Workplace Exposure Monitoring Web

Workplace Exposure Monitoring & COSHH Air Sampling

The fifth step in the COSHH workplace exposure monitoring process happens once you have ensured all control measures are in place, and procedures have been put in to ensure that…

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Noise Exposure Limits Web

Noise Exposure Limits | Everything You Need To Know

Employers Basic Requirements For Noise Exposure Limits UK Noise Regulations (The Control of Noise at Work Regulations of 2005) states three stages of control regarding noise exposure limits in the workplace. These…

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COSHH Testing Exposure Controls Banner

COSHH Testing | Ensuring Exposure Controls are Used and Maintained

The fourth step in the COSHH testing and COSHH risk assessment process is to ensure that all exposure controls installed are used and maintained: So You Have The Kit, Make…

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