Hospital Air Quality Monitoring and COSHH

Envirocare were commissioned by a hospital Trust to design and carry out the annual hospital air quality monitoring survey for a wide range of substances with the potential to cause harm to the employees throughout hospitals in the Trust.

Hospital Air Quality Monitoring and COSHH

This hospital air quality monitoring programme included the personal monitoring for:


+ Ozone levels in print rooms

+ Wood dust in joiner workshops

+ Xylene and ethanol exposure in Histology

+ Total inhalable dust levels within linen rooms

+ Propan-2-ol, xylene and ethanol exposure in Cytology

+ Nitrous oxide exposure within theatres, recovery, burn treatment units and maternity wards

+ Total Inhalable and respirable dust within plaster clinics and a measurement of respirable crystalline silica

+ Exposure to acetic acid, ethanol, propylene glycol and other substances in Endoscopy equipment cleaning

+ Solder fumes (colophony), methyl methacrylate, total inhalable dust, respirable dust and respirable crystalline silica in Maxillo-facial units.


COSHH and Hospital Air Quality Monitoring

Following the hospital air quality monitoring, Envirocare worked in close liaison with the Trust to provide detailed monitoring reports and recommendations on how to reduce the personal exposure to hazardous substances (COSHH).

Envirocare has also worked closely with the Trust to develop additional monitoring when occupational hygiene issues such as dermatitis have occurred. This has resulted in a new hospital air quality monitoring programme being put in place including extended sampling times and in depth site observations.

Where exposure guidelines were exceeded, Envirocare has worked with the Trust to recommend improvements which are practical and then repeated the monitoring to assess the effectiveness of the actions.


Experts In Hospital Air Quality Monitoring and COSHH

Envirocare is a leading Environmental and Occupational Hygiene and Safety monitoring provider and IOSH member with over 20 years of experience in many different industries in Yorkshire and throughout the UK.

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