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Removing Earwax And Tips For Clearing Blocked Ears

Envirocare provide Workplace Hearing Tests and occupational ear examinations to companies within the UK. This article aims to help people in removing earwax or clearing blockages caused by wax. We regularly provide the below advice to anyone we encounter whose ear drums or ear canals appear to show a large build up of earwax. Here are some of the things… continue reading →

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COSHH Risk Assessment – Assessing The Risks

What Is A COSHH Risk Assessment? COSHH risk assessments are not just paper exercises. A COSHH risk assessment identifies substances and activities where there may be exposure to hazardous substances, used or generated, which may damage health. It’s all about taking sensible steps to prevent ill health to employees and visitors. The aim is to know how… continue reading →

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What Is COSHH? Everything You Need To Know!

We’re often asked the question ‘What is COSHH?’. So we’ve decided to create an article which aims to define COSHH in simple terms. We have supplied supporting information so that you have everything you need to know in order to run your operations safely, efficiently and profitably.   So, What Is COSHH?   The term COSHH stands for… continue reading →

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Wastewater Treatment Plants, AD and Odour Emissions

Anaerobic digestion can and is playing a huge role in creating a potential fuel source from waste that is otherwise seen to have little use. Within the wastewater treatment industry, sludge is produced as a waste and has to be disposed of safely and effectively, which is where anaerobic digestion can play an important role… continue reading →

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Trainee Occupational Hygiene / Health & Safety Consultant Vacancy

Trainee Occupational Hygiene / Health & Safety Consultant Vacancy   Job Brief: This new post for a Trainee Occupational Hygiene / Health & Safety Consultant requires a person who is willing to build a rewarding career in this field and eventually progress towards BOHS Certificate of Competence or Chartered IOSH membership. Occupational hygienists are responsible… continue reading →

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Combined Heat and Power Plant Emission Regulations

Many Anaerobic Digestion (AD) facilities incorporate Combined Heat and Power (CHP) Plants to make efficient use of the biogas created by the process. As has previously been discussed in our What Is Anaerobic Digestion and Biogas and Anaerobic Digestion Process: From Waste To Energy articles, AD of organic material produces two outputs, namely digestate and… continue reading →

Isocyanate Exposure In The Workplace: Monitoring and Control

Recently, the Health and Safety Executive won a case against a paint spraying company in Derbyshire who had not complied with a number of improvement orders related to isocyanate exposure. The defendant was fined a total of £5,600 in fines and court costs.   What Are Isocyanates? First, a bit of chemistry, isocyanates are organic… continue reading →

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Anaerobic Digestion Process: From Waste To Energy

Anaerobic digestion is the process of micro-organisms breaking down organic material in the absence of oxygen. After mixed waste has been segregated and the inorganic recyclable fractions removed, the organic fractions enter the AD process. The Anaerobic Digestion Process Organic waste material (for example food wastes or sewage sludge) is stored in an oxygen free… continue reading →

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What Is Anaerobic Digestion and Biogas

What Is Anaerobic Digestion? Anaerobic Digestion is the process of micro-organisms breaking down organic waste material – also known as feedstock – in the absence of oxygen. The process happens naturally, for example in soils, but is becoming increasingly popular as an athropogenic solution for dealing with organic wastes. The outputs from anaerobic digestion are… continue reading →

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MCERTS Level 1 Stack Tester Job Vacancy

MCERTS Level 1 Stack Tester (Technician) Job Brief: This new post for an MCERTS Level 1 Stack Tester / Technician requires a person with a minimum of 1 years practical experience as a stack emissions monitoring technician. Ideally the candidate would hold or be working towards technical endorsements. The applicant should have experience of client liaison,… continue reading →

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