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Noise Assessments | How Often Should A Noise Survey Be Carried Out?

We’ve already established a company’s obligation in terms of Noise Regulations but a question we get asked over and over again is “How often should noise assessments and noise surveys be carried out?” Unfortunately, there is no clear cut answer listed in regulation. In the Control of Noise at Work Regulations, they state that a noise risk assessment… continue reading →

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Workplace Exposure Monitoring & COSHH Air Sampling

The fifth step in the COSHH workplace exposure monitoring process happens once you have ensured all control measures are in place, and procedures have been put in to ensure that controls are used and maintained. We now need to see how effective these controls are. This can be done in two ways, the first of which will be… continue reading →

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Noise Exposure Limits | Everything You Need To Know

Employers Basic Requirements For Noise Exposure Limits UK Noise Regulations (The Control of Noise at Work Regulations of 2005) states three stages of control regarding noise exposure limits in the workplace. These relate to the levels of exposure to noise of employees average over a specific working day or week and also the maximum noise to which… continue reading →

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COSHH Assessments | How To Control Exposure

The third step in completing your COSHH assessments is the point at which you ask “we have the data, but what can we do to reduce and control exposure?” For this, we go back to the COSHH hierarchy of control: Elimination This is the gold standard for how to control exposure, but it is one… continue reading →

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Noise Regulations: What Are Your Obligations?

A Brief Guide To UK Noise Regulations Noise Regulations act as a safety net due to noise being a common issue in most industrial environments we carry out work in, whether it be the hum of a production line in a printing works or the short, sharp noise of a hammer hitting a metal unit… continue reading →

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NOx Emissions | A Pollutant Focus

What Is NOx? NOx emissions / Oxides of Nitrogen is a term for the mono-nitrogen oxides Nitric Oxide (NO) & Nitrogen Dioxide (NO2) and their oxidation products, principally Nitric Acid (HNO3). Oxides of Nitrogen are a significant air pollutant particular in urban areas where vehicular and industrial contributions are more prevalent. Oxides of Nitrogen are… continue reading →

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COSHH Precautions In The Workplace

The second step of the COSHH risk assessment process is to decide what COSHH precautions are required. For this, we look at the five W’s and an H: What? What does the process involve? What materials are involved? Does the work involve working in the breathing zone, and are the materials listed as hazardous on… continue reading →

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VOC Emissions Monitoring: The Benefits

Many companies operating in a range of industrial sectors need VOC emissions monitoring to demonstrate compliance with environmental legislation. VOC monitoring can however, also provide many other significant benefits, including safer working conditions for operators and cost savings from the reduction of raw material during a process. Companies that use solvents should consider the benefits of implementing a… continue reading →

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Removing Earwax And Tips For Clearing Blocked Ears

Envirocare provide Workplace Hearing Tests and occupational ear examinations to companies within the UK. This article aims to help people in removing earwax or clearing blockages caused by wax. We regularly provide the below advice to anyone we encounter whose ear drums or ear canals appear to show a large build up of earwax. Here are some of the things… continue reading →

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